FastTech is the techno-centric destination for all your geeky needs and more.


FastTech is committed to become the most loved and trusted electronics marketplace by offering superior shopping experience, timely shipping, and stellar customer service.

FastTech puts customer service first. Unlike many other stores, we believe customer service starts the second customers enter our website. We have staffs dedicated to answering questions in our forums, and we offer pre-sale technical support on our site and via e-mail.

Where is FastTech located?

Operated by Cloud Commerce Systems Limited located in Hong Kong, FastTech’s main warehouse is strategically situated in Guangdong, China, where the Pearl River Delta is located. Foxconn runs factories with over half a million people here. Quoting Wikipedia, “the Pearl River Delta [is] the world’s workshop and is a major manufacturing base for products such as electronic products.” By situating ourselves at the heart of the baking oven of electronics, we gain direct access to the best selections of the latest gadgets and equipments at the best possible factory direct price. The tremendous savings are then passed on directly to customers like you.

FastTech - Android tablets, phones, and TV sticks at great prices.

Is FastTech legit?

We run our own inventory and customer support center, in a modern loft of over 30,000 square feet.

FastTech is professionally authenticated by VeriSign for legitimacy. VeriSign verifies that their client’s business is real, and that the owner and operator of the website exist and are really who they claim they are.

FastTech - thousands of gadgets at great prices.

With plenty of products sold at around $1 shipped, try us out today, and discover the new and better way shopping for gadgets.

FastTech - thousands of iPhone/iPad/iPod gadgets at great prices.

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