How to take Photo on Digital Billboards

Here are Tip and Trick on how to Take photo on Digital Billboards. How to avoid bad captured image? -Using Polarised Lens as Filter.  (A polarizer or polariser is an optical filter that lets light waves of a specific polarization pass through while blocking light waves of other polarizations. [read more…]

Chocolates that shipped in Philippines

TOP CHOCOLATES THAT SHIPPED IN PHILIPPINES Astor Chocolate has been a leading purveyor of Chocolate for over 60 years. The company services multiple industries ranging from Hospitality, Travel Retail, Food Service, Corporate Sales and Gourmet specialty retailers. The company’s dedication to service, Innovation and great tasting chocolate [read more…]

How to Convince Your Employer You Are Suitable for Work

How to Convince Your Employer You Are Suitable for Work When a market is competitive, you should convince your employer that you are the best candidate for the job. But how will you achieve this? It’s not nuclear physics! It is simple, easy logic and if you follow it you will have [read more…]


Looking for Vape that can be shipped to Philippines? Looking for vape authentic mod? I place top 10 vape store that ship International specially in Philippines. Don’t want to pay tax? or special permit? Buy vape that max to 9,500 pesos for total of item. Shipping can [read more…]


Here are the list of sites that I recommended if you are planning to buy a tea. Golden Moon Tea – Golden Moon Tea is only going to offer teas that come from nature, use 100% natural ingredients and never use anything artificial, synthetic or genially modified. People want to [read more…]

One Travel Deals and Coupons

Great Deals on Global Flights!Get up to $20 off with promo code INT20 Book Now “Last-Minute Weekend Getaway Sale!Take up to $30◊ off our fees with Promo Code LM30Book Now” “One Way Flight Deal!” “Grab Our Best Flight Deal! “Your Vacation Just Became a Reality! Get up [read more…]