Looking for Vape that can be shipped to Philippines?

Looking for vape authentic mod? I place top 10 vape store that ship International specially in Philippines. Don’t want to pay tax? or special permit? Buy vape that max to 9,500 pesos for total of item. Shipping can exceed. 10,000 pesos higher will automatically subject for tax minimum of 2,500. Don’t ever buy Vape with the name vape, like “Vandy Vape” the word Vape, E-Cigar, E-Juice, Nicotine. will be automatically put on hold and subject for Clearance Paper, trust me you don’t want this. Be a wise buyer. Buy only Authentic Unit. Vape More!

Top List

    1. Mt Baker Vapor – Get 15% off on your first order or Mt Baker Vapor Hardware
      10% off any order with code MBV10. and 15% off any order for you first order MBV15.
    2. Summer Sale Clearance @ Joyetech – Items $5 to $15
    3. Fuggin Vapor Co.
      Junkys Stash E-Juices come in these flavors: Buried Yesterday, Buried Yesterday Ice, A Chill Day, A Chill Day Ice, The Old Stuff and The Old Stuff Ice. Nicotine options include 0mg, 3mg and 6mg and all have a VG/PG ration of 70/30.
    5. Om vapor, LLC
    6. 3FVape
    7. Vaporl Deals
    8. ALIVAPE Premuim Vape Shop Online
    9. High Society Supply – Buy High Quality E-Juice, Top Rated Juice!
    10. Vape Wild Coupon Code: WELCOME10
    11. Save 50% or more on Vaping Flavors at Vape.Sale.

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