CIGAVETTE Premium Electronic Vapor Devices

CIGAVETTE was founded in 2010 by former smokers who wanted to bring something new and different to the many people struggling to quit smoking, using things like the patch, hypnotherapy and cold, hard abstinence.

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The idea of an electronic cigarette was very new and most people didn’t think it was possible to ‘smoke’ using water vapor. The company was initially launched under the name CIGIREX and took the market by storm, helping many people kick the habit.
Extensive R&D was done to develop the world’s best electronic cigarettes and the company quickly attracted a loyal customer base from all over the world. 468x60 BLACKHAWX
“It’s not a cigarette, it’s a cigaVette”
In 2012 the company changed it’s name to ‘CIGAVETTE‘ and expanded it’s product line to include electronic cigars and vaporizers.

Enjoy the freedom to smoke anywhere, with CIGAVETTE
Today, CIGAVETTE is a well-known electronic cigarette brand, with customers all around the world who keep coming back for THE BEST tobacco and mint flavors available.

While the electronic cigarette market has become very crowded with many new brands trying to establish themselves, we remain committed to the founding principals that built the company many years ago;

Quality Products, Excellent Customer Service, and Technology Innovation.

CIGAVETTE Premium Electronic Vapor Devices

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