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The directors in a meetingOur passion for all things vaping started way back in 2010 (practically the Neolithic period in vaping years) and with our tunnel-visioned focus on providing products of the highest quality, performance, and reliability we’ve become one of the biggest vape brands in the UK.

It’s a fact; we’re the only mainstream company to design all of our own hardware in-house, in the UK, all dreamed up by our product designer worker bees – each member of the team is a signed up, certified, product geek; they go to bed dreaming about our new product pipelines.

And then they make their dreams a reality, with affordable devices ranging from beginners vape pens to advanced user box mods, all met with critical acclaim from some of the industry’s best, and most respected, independent reviewers. We’re really proud of that.

We also produce all of our e-liquids, made to our own specially concocted recipes, right here in the UK too. Some just do what they say on the bottle – can’t get more direct than ‘Tobacco’ flavour but some are a bit weirder, ‘Kitten’s Breath’ anyone? Brainstorms to come up with an e-liquid name is always fun.

Coupled with industry leading warranties across the board (did we mention that quality and reliability are really important to us?), we offer up to one year guarantees – most other brands give you a guarantee right up until you walk out the shop with your products. We want to make sure your vaping experience is nothing but the best. And thousands of 5-star customer product reviews attest to that. We’re very proud of that.

Oh, and all our products are compliant to new vaping regulations (the TPD). As standard.

Mistaken identity – the beginnings of JAC

One of our design team at workOur story started in the United States; where individual states and individual counties within each state have different smoking laws. As legend has it, our fearless founder, Andrew Logan, saw someone smoking a cigarette, indoors in a bar, in New Mexico, and sparked up to feed his own 30 a day habit. Only to be told it was, in fact, a non-smoking parish and the gent in question was using an electronic cigarette. It was 2010 and an e-cigarette looked like a cigarette, or cig-a-like as we like to call them now.

And so ensued a 4 hours conversation on vaping and the beginning of a lifelong friendship between Andrew and the early vaping adopter (that last bit isn’t true).

With a background in engineering, a passion for smoking and an even bigger passion for gadgetry, Andrew (also a product geek) decided to investigate the technology further and ordered all known devices on the market, at that time, to see if he could kick his 30 year habit. Only to find everything he ordered was terrible and didn’t satiate his smoking habit one iota. Not to be deterred, Andrew contacted a friendly factory in China and asked if they could work to his re-spec for an existing model. They complied and the first V3 battery was created. Starting with a personal loan, a spare bedroom and his wife as his first customer – JAC Vapour was born. His wife was soon joined by 20,000 customers by 2011. It was time to find a much bigger warehouse.


From humble beginnings …

Our customer support teamIt has been 7 years of hard work and dedication to the vaping cause that has made the JAC brand so strong.

As the industry has matured, so have we. Continuing to go from strength to strength, opening flagship bricks and mortar shops across the UK, a wholesale website, an office in Manchester and constantly innovating the design of our own hardware and the range of flavours offered in our e-liquid range, we have an ambitious new product range coming over the next year.

Thanks to our loyal customer base, we receive constructive feedback on our products regularly which helps us to keep making products that vapers want to buy.

And thanks also to our customers, we can grow and improve which gives us the edge over everyone else in the market.

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